Photoshop CS5 Ask-A-Pro live this Thursday

My colleagues Julieanne Kost and Bryan O’Neil Hughes will be holding a live Q&A via Twitter this Thursday at noon Pacific (time zone info). Borrowing from the Facebook page:

Now that Photoshop CS5 has officially been revealed, the Twitterverse is brimming with questions. Now is your chance to have your Photoshop CS5 questions answered LIVE on Twitter by Bryan O’Neil Hughes, Photoshop product manager, and Julieanne Kost, Adobe digital imaging evangelist.

Simply follow Photoshop on Twitter, and on Thursday, April 15, from noon to 1 p.m. PDT, tweet your questions to @Photoshop. Be sure to include the #AskAPro hashtag so we can answer your questions.

9 thoughts on “Photoshop CS5 Ask-A-Pro live this Thursday

  1. Isn’t limiting questions and, in particular, answers, to 140 characters a bit cumbersome for a forum like this? Back in the day we had chat rooms and IRC…

  2. Here’s a question (posed by Cnet this morning):
    Where is the “upgrade” option for Photoshop? Or, an automated way to migrate actions, color settings, preferences, workspaces, etc. to new versions of CS?
    [Believe me, a lot of us have wanted that for years. You should be able just to sync your settings with the proverbial cloud, making them easy to transfer and share. We always get close, only to have other priorities intercede. Hope springs eternal, though, and perhaps someone can write a script for the purpose. –J.]

  3. make it nmore expensive for us living in europe.
    twice the money as in the USA is not enough.. you know we europeans love to pay more for the same stuff. it makes us feel as we would help the poor americans.
    at least help you to get a better medical system then a third world country….

  4. That’s very insightful, yet completely irrelevant. And the last time I checked, people came from around the world to get treatment here because we have some of the best doctors and facilities in the world. It’s our self-sustaining and corrupt insurance system that’s messed up.
    Thanks for getting your facts straight. Can you keep your anger and disillusionment to the topic at hand? If you’re mad about Photoshop, please say something. If you’re mad at the US (or anything else), well, find someplace that cares and will discuss it with you.

  5. Hey John,
    This is more of a request than a question, but could you dedicate a blog post to the details behind how Photoshop (and/or the other CS5 applications) was converted to Cocoa? I like the nitty gritty details, and I would be interested in a nice long blog post about it!
    [Good request, Peter. The engineers probably need a little downtime, but I’ll see what I can get from them. –J.]

  6. Hello,
    I have a question regarding the Photoshop CS5 announcement. Has the PATH PALETTE been updated? My colleagues and I want to be able to resize a path while I resize a layer.
    An example of my inquiry is as follows. I have a layer containing a donut. I have created a path in and around the donut. I later decide I want to resize the donut using the transform tool. As I resize the donut, the path associated with the donut should resize as well.
    This feature continues to be missing since the PATH tool finally had its own palette in the early 1990’s version of Photoshop.
    Can I achieve my request in Photoshop CS5?
    [I’m afraid not. Paths haven’t gotten much love in a long time. –J.]

  7. I would like to talk with an experienced photoshop person because i am new to this and cannot seem to figure it out well. I think i am missing some files because i try to use 3D “Repousse” but it doesnt let me click it, its not even an option. Please be in contact as soon as possible. Thanks!

  8. In Photoshop Cs4 is there any way to
    1) unlock all layers at once? 2) select one layer without having to first deal with the “Layer Style” palette? (Shows various blending modes, etc.)

  9. 1) select all layers (Select>All Layers) or hit cmd/ctrl + opt/alt + a. Then choose Layers>Lock Layers and uncheck all the options in the dialog will unlock all layers.
    2) Sounds like you’re double-clicking the layer which brings up the layer style dialog.

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