Scott Kelby on what CS5 offers photogs, more

Scott Kelby has posted a couple of good Photoshop CS5 FAQs on his blog. Handy sample:

Q. As a photographer what is the most compelling reason to consider an upgrade from CS4 to CS5?

A. That’s a tough one, because it will be different for different photographers. I think a lot of folks will naturally want it to create HDR images, but I think the built-in masking features (using Refine Edge) is even more compelling for most photographers. Content-Aware Fill is big (and it works amazingly well), but then the Noise Reduction in Camera Raw is just insane, so it’s a tough call to make. Luckily, any one of those is worth the upgrade alone, so if you get all four, this is an easy decision for a lot of photographers.

He’s also got a funny (and useful) take on upgrade questions.

8 thoughts on “Scott Kelby on what CS5 offers photogs, more

  1. 64-bit support on the Mac is the reason why I’ll upgrade.
    I have CS3 Design Standard, and oddly it looks like it’s actually cheaper to get individual $200 upgrades for Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator than to get the $700 upgrade to CS5 Design Standard. Not sure why, perhaps the extra $100 is for Acrobat (a bloated and insecure product I refuse to install).

  2. I skipped CS4, but I’ll be upgrading to CS5. For me, Content Aware Fill is huge, and 64-bit Intel support is going to be a nice performance bonus.
    Once again, however, it’s absolutely impossible to make an informed decision about Standard vs. Extended. Clicking “Compare Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop CS5 Extended” takes me to a page with the two boxes side by side. Gee, thanks.
    If history is a guide, Adobe will only release trials of Extended. Guess wrong about which version has the feature you love, and you’re out the $200 you paid for the upgrade, since the Standard>Extended upgrade is the same price as CS4 Standard>CS5 Extended.
    The pricing is a little annoying, the lack of useful product information is infuriating.

  3. CS5 is a MUST have!!!
    As a photographer I’m real excited about what’s been added and upgraded; workflow time is going to reduce massively allowing for more time behind the camera and less time infront of the screen. However, that being said I’ve a feeling the time saved in workflow is going to be replaced with ‘play time’.
    A fantastic upgrade that, like Scott says is worth it for just one of the enhancements let alone the long list that Adobe have built in.
    Exciting times ahead.
    All the best to you and yours John,

  4. After seeing the awesome power of Content-Aware Fill I’m hooked!
    But seriously, the improvements to ACR (noise reduction and lens corrections) and the improved refine edge functions are going to be worth the upgrade.

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