Demo: Making an iBook about iPads, using InDesign CS5

Terry White shows off how to design & export a book that can be viewed in the iPad’s iBooks application as well as Adobe Digital Editions & many other book readers that handle the EPUB format:

I’m anything but an an expert on page layout & publishing, but I still find this very cool. You can grab Terry’s short “25 Tips for the iPad” book here.

3 thoughts on “Demo: Making an iBook about iPads, using InDesign CS5

  1. It’s all fine and dandy until Apple decides that all iBooks must be produced with Apple tools and approved by Steve Jobs himself. And I’m only half-joking.

  2. An excellent job by Terry!
    Hopefully there are additional eBook features as well! I’m really crossing my fingers that Adobe will no longer need inline graphics to create clean eBook output. (Also, direct export to a Kindle-compatible file format would be nice.)

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