3DVIA plug-in searches for 3D content from within Photoshop

The free 3DVIA plug-in for Photoshop makes it easy to pull 3D content into your files, then work on it using Photoshop’s 3D manipulation tools. From the product page:

Search over 15,000 premium and user-generated 3D models and import them directly into your working file without leaving the Photoshop window. From high-end, photoshoot quality models to stylized models, 3DVIA has something for every project need.

5 thoughts on “3DVIA plug-in searches for 3D content from within Photoshop

  1. Unrelated but since a few days I am trying to access the months archive (bottom right of this blog) to read something I missed. The problem is that none work!

  2. I got to play with the CS5 plugin last night. VERY easy to use, and lots of models are available for all kinds of projects.
    The plugin launches a search widget, where you can log in to access more models. The results are displayed in a scrolling window, each with an Import button. Browse, click, brief pause, and you have a shiny, new 3D model in a new document just waiting for you.

  3. BTW – Greg Smith and his crew are great. After a brief conversation, I got the sense that 3DVia is really paying attention to this burgeoning 3D Photoshop market. They have a few other tools available that are also worth checking out.

  4. I’d like it better if I could use my own 3DVia files in Photoshop, as they are relevant to the type of pictures I’d like to create.

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