Photoshop extensions: DiskFonts panel, Clarté script

  • The DiskFonts panel for CS5 offers a simple way to type in some text, then see it previewed in all the fonts on disk (not just those installed) on your system.  Running in Photoshop, Illustrator, and five other apps, it’s $29 from Anastasiy Safari (whom you may remember from his very handy MagicPicker panel).
  • Max Penson & Tal Ninio have started, a site where they’ll offer simple scripts and tools for complicated Photoshop tasks.  First up is PS Kiss Clarté, a script that produces a similar effect to Camera Raw’s clarity control.  According to Max, “It also has negative clarity and a spacial algorithm to calculate the correct filter size according to the size of the image.”

9 thoughts on “Photoshop extensions: DiskFonts panel, Clarté script

  1. DiskFonts is an interesting idea. Compare fonts within Photoshop! What a cool thing I’ve been waiting for. I guess, now I can keep my collection of more 20,000 fonts on disk and install only 100 or 200…Windows is so slow with fonts. will give it a try

  2. font viewer in CS – what an elegant solution for all media guys like me. i was asking myself for the same feature a year ago… pretty cool! let’s see how it performs…

  3. I was using MagicPicker by Anastasiy for a lot of time and I can say it is very-well thought and powerful panel in terms of usability and fitting the workflow. And, because it is a panel, it can hang on the screen all the time. If this font viewer, DiskFonts is of the same quality, this is the new extension in my Photoshop (as soon as I bought CS5 recently). And I can see from the link provided, it works well with other Adobe software, like InDesign – that adds a lot of points.

  4. DiskFonts is very promising — so much so that I bought it without trying it first. I still find it promising, but without some additional features it has some unexpected limitations. The fact that it runs happily in all the CS5 apps is quite wonderful, though, and I intend to stick with it until I’m satisfied.
    The main problem is a lack of persistent selection features — for example, you can’t filter out the bazillion identical system fonts without manually clicking the checkbox on ALL THE OTHERS. The “checkmark filtering” feature shows only checked fonts, and there’s no button to invert the selection, or select all. And if you happen to click the Refresh List button, which I did after checking about 100 fonts, all the checkmarks are tossed out. For this tool to reach its full potential in my workflow, it will have to provide batter facilities for tagging preferred fonts.
    That said, I think I can work around this by creating a folder tree to organize fonts. I’m happy to do this manually, or with my High-Logic font manager. But the disc browsing facility in DiskFonts won’t expand folders more than three levels down. So using a folder tree has to be planned accordingly. (My existing folders are too deep for DF to find them.)
    In any case, it is a hugely helpful facility, and its one-click “install this font” button is worth the price of admission. Hopefully Anastasiy will be able to provide a few upgrades to overcome these first shortcomings — if so, DF will eliminate a lot of problems and hassles for me and I’ll recommend it widely.

    1. Update:
      As the following messages from Anastasiy show, he’s not only responsive to user input, but is well on the way towards a much improved plugin.
      Since the limitations I mentioned are already being addressed, my conclusion at this point is that this much-needed plugin is not only indispensible for anyone who works much with fonts (in any CS5 app: not just photoshop), but it’s also coming from a developer who is still enthusiastically involved in its evolution.
      I don’t know why Adobe hasn’t long ago incorporated slick font management into their suite (fonts have always been a Big Deal at Adobe), but now someone is rapidly deploying an elegant solution for a very fair price. Thanks, Anastasiy!

      1. Update 2:
        The problem of going deeper than 3-4 folders was my mistake. Clicking a folder name in the tree selects that folder, and does not open it for further digging. You have to use the twirly-triangle to expand folders. This behavior is because you’re working in a drop-down, not a separate dialog, so there’s no “CHOOSE” button. My misunderstanding arose from being so used to explorer/file dialog behavior, where one can click or double-click to expand, and then click a separate button to finalize the selection.

  5. Thank you everyone for the feedback and good words! The panels come to help you and make your work easier and more creative, I hope that it makes sense. And it’s very cool to see I’m on the right way and my hard work is in-demand.
    Thanks again! What you propose is absolutely reasonable. I already have answered on your mail.
    Just have to add that DiskFonts is updated 1-2 times in a month and all users receive the updates automatically. The new features are on the way!

  6. Also want to say BIG and speechless thanks to John Nack, who actually brought me to these technologies and to all Adobe team, who made it even possible with such a unique instrument, like Photoshop.

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