Talking tablets & the future this Wednesday

If you’ll be at Photoshop World, please come join brainstorm with Adobe and Wacom about how tablets (both desktop & iPad-style) can evolve to help capture your artistic vision.  We’ll be meeting Wednesday at 5pm in Wacom’s booth (#403).

6 thoughts on “Talking tablets & the future this Wednesday

  1. John
    won’t be there, so my envy scale is at mach 10.
    by the way, I have PS5xtended on 2 PCs. I have some kind of quirk on one PC, when I create a mask on a photo, instead of a white background, I get a donut hole and is odd looking. It works ok, but on my other pc, its white, like it always is. I made sure I did not hit alt button first. where can I find a fix for this?
    I will not have an expectation you will reply, but perhaps some will read this and help
    most kindly
    Ken in KY

  2. @Ken,
    I think you have your layers display options set to ‘none’ rather than small, medium, or large thumbnails.
    click on the fly-out menu on your layers panel. click on “panel options” and choose any of the thumbnail options other than “none”. that should take care of it.

  3. Hi Ken,
    Have you tried Ctrl + D before creating the mask? It sounds like you may have a selection loaded, but the Selection Edges (aka marching ants) are hidden.

  4. ken,
    on your one machine, you have your layer panel options set to ‘none’. Click on the flyout menu for your layers panel, then choose panel options. Click on one of the other three options other than ‘none’ to display the thumbnails of your layers bigger.

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