Flash Player goes 64-bit on Mac, Linux, & Windows

Great news for all the people who’ve been requesting native 64-bit support in Flash: a preview version is available for download from Adobe Labs.  Among other enhancements, according to engineering manager Paul Betlem,

Flash Player ‘Square’ leverages the new GPU support available with Internet Explorer 9 Beta to deliver a faster and more responsive user experience. In our internal testing, we’ve seen significant improvements in Flash Player graphics performance – exceeding 35% in Internet Explorer 9 Beta compared to Flash Player running in previous versions of IE.

Check out the 64-bit FAQ (PDF) for details on the benefits & challenges of 64-bit development.  Expect to hear other interesting details soon.

15 thoughts on “Flash Player goes 64-bit on Mac, Linux, & Windows

  1. When talking about 64-bit and what it brings, the answers seem to be mostly limitations in Windows or lack of a compatibility layer. this “layer” is a separate process on Mac OS X 10.6.
    Does the 64-bit Mac OS X plugin run in the Safari process or a separate process?

  2. Yes, the 64-bit Safari plugin still seems to be hosted in another process, which is good.
    A website I frequent that uses Flash no longer works, which is bad.

  3. Thanks a lot for this release. I was already using the 64bit preview of Flash 10 for Linux before it got that unfixed security hole before the summer.
    So I’m really thrill to be able to use again the 64bit Flash natively and even more thrill that it is release 10.1!
    It works like a charm on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64bit.
    @Royi: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are both available in native 64bit, at least on Linux (dunno for other platforms): ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64

  4. ok, but I still can’t use 64-bit Interet Explorer for everyday use because Acrobat plug-in is 32 bit. Btw, I can’t even preview pdf files in Windows Explorer because of the 64 bit issues.

  5. It took adobe this long to get basically anything 64bit and how long has 64bit architecture been available?
    [You know what’s funny? Adobe is shipping twice as many pro 64-bit apps as Apple. Lightroom was 64-bit years ahead of Aperture. In that regard we’ve run circles around them on their own platform. –J.]
    Too much time being lazy…simmering in the sun with itself in the market. Now that HTML5 comes along, they move their a$$ to actually do anything beyond the scope of what they had years ago. Sorry but that is how it looks in the consumer world. It is figured and I believe that flash will be done with in the end. Doesn’t matter that maybe many didn’t/don’t use 64-bit browsers but why would Adobe catch up to the rest of the software developers in 64bit early on??? Hell, thank god for Google/FF coming out with the plugin protection that was essential for the crap flash plugin you guys call software…jeeeeeeeeeez. Your swiss cheese software has just as much holes as Windoze.

  6. And it is still a hog and total rubbish. Adobe is a large company, how on earth are you doing such a bad job nowadays?
    Milking cash from users is the only thing you care about and the only thing you do well.
    I can tell you that people are getting fed up, only there are no viable alternatives. The day there is, is the day you will suffer a mass exodus. Shafting users is no way to treat customers who spend thousands on your sub-par products.
    Read adobegripes.tumblr.com and you realize how totally silly some of your problems are.

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