DSLR video + RC helicopter = awesome

Man, is it a great time to be alive or what? I can’t tell you how badly I wanted a radio-controlled helicopter as a kid. I think I would have sold myself into slavery to get something like this rig:

Check out HeliVideo.com for more details. [Via]

14 thoughts on “DSLR video + RC helicopter = awesome

  1. Now we’re talking and John I so had that on my wishlist growing up 🙂 and having bought the Canon 5D Mk II last month… oh its crazy good.

  2. This video has been out for at least a year now… Yaaaawn.
    [Get your own blog and keep it interesting every day, genius, instead of criticizing me. –J.]

  3. “Man, is it a great time to be alive or what?”
    couldn’t agree more with that statement, with such software tools as garageband, amplitube and some incredible r/c vehicles (i have 2 emaxx trucks) in every shape and form, it is a great time..all i have to do is find time for all of them…

  4. That is really some amazing footage!! I am just a mewb RC heli fan but i also love to make videos. I cannot wait to i am able to shoot and edit my own!

  5. These things are so cool. I wish they were around when I was a kid. I will have to wait till I have a son so I can get him one of these.

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