13 thoughts on “Adobe employees: "It Gets Better."

    1. Seriously. You felt compelled to actually post that thought?
      [At least he didn’t write “your gay” like half the nitwits posting on YouTube… –J.]

  1. As a former psychiatric and education social worker, I say these people are really doing a great thing.
    So many people have ZERO clue how their subtle statements, implications, and back-handed insults – let alone insults, slurs and personal attacks – add up to in terms of hurting other people. They prove they themselves are, at best, boors; and at worst they sometimes play a role in someone ending his or her life.
    Some people are just dense.
    Bravo to those willing to share such a positive message.

  2. Great work! I am really proud of companies like Adobe that participate in these type of campaigns to get the word out to LGBT youth that it gets better. And also thanks to Google and Apple for taking a very public stand against Proposition 8 and for recognizing the marriages of their gay employees.

  3. As a gay man and a lonnnggg-time user and fan of Adobe software (and reader of this blog, too), I am very happy to have just watched this. Such a fine collection of people talking in this video. I appreciate you broadcasting this, John. πŸ™‚ I wish things like this had been available back when I was a tormented kid back during the stone age.

  4. Great initiative!
    However I was mislead by the headline. When I read “Adobe employees: β€œIt Gets Better.” I thought, “Oh great! Adobe has changed its mind! A fair pricing now “PS5 600 $ US/1300 $ Europe), no more crapware (strange installers when you download something), fast Flash, better customer service -> all the zillion other things people file under hashtags #adobe #fail at twitter.”
    It was only a dream. At least it gets better for gays.

  5. Awesome! Thanks to everyone at Adobe who took the time to bring their own stories to such a great project. Thanks for posting this, John. πŸ™‚

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