Videos: Russell Brown on HDR, iPad portfolios

By very popular demand, Russell Brown has recorded & posted his tutorials on creating tablet-ready portfolios & great-looking (non-cheesy) HDR images. Enjoy.

Mobile portfolios:


8 thoughts on “Videos: Russell Brown on HDR, iPad portfolios

  1. Thanks Russell (and John)!
    What a shame that iPad users have to jump through hoops to get photos into a predetermined order via such a braindead syncing tool. Whuddathunk it was the 21st Century?

  2. John
    Thanks for the Natural HDR Toning Technique by Russel Brown, just when you get to the best parts at the end the video starts over. Is there another source or can you reload it, thanks Bill

  3. As to exporting iamges to iPad;
    Nice tip to get the order as you wanted.
    One problem still to solve is the mixture of portrait and landscape orientation.
    This really detracts from the experience when viewing on the iPad I reckon – having to keep rotating the device to see all of the images without black bars.
    One way is to split them into 2 different folders so that you don’t have to rotate while viewing the whole folder.
    You could also name them -portrait-NNN -landscape-NNN within the folder so that they are grouped together and you only need to rotate once per folder.

  4. Ahem, realistic HDR… is that a joke? I don’t get it. Looks like a child been playing with a computer for the first time. Or second time, to be polite.

  5. Dear John Nack,
    Every day I read your blog; it is a good way to stay informed!!
    I wrote an e-mail to Russell Brown, but it was not accepted because of a wrong IP-number.
    The mail is about a subject that you mentioned a couple of days ago.
    Can you be so kind to send the mail to Russells good adress.
    You can also look for your self what you think of the action I enclose in the mail.
    Han Smit
    P.S. I can’t attach an atn-file in this blog. How can I send you or Russell Brown a file??
    Begin doorgestuurd bericht:
    Van: han smit
    Datum: 17 januari 2011 12:56:14 GMT+01:00
    Onderwerp: detailing action with more control and better color
    Dear Mister Brown,
    Thanks for your detailing action (with the vivid light sharpening technique).
    I think I made the action somewhat better by using smart objects and by adding an extra adjustment layer: Black and White.
    The colors become brighter and they are tweak-able via the color-sliders of the Black and White Adjustment Layer.
    Sometimes the color is to vivid and must be tweaked by the opacity slider of the BW Adjustment layer.
    Kind Regards,
    Han Smit
    Rotterdam, Holland

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