13 thoughts on “New features in Adobe Ideas 1.2

      1. for me it would be an android phone – i’m moving on from iOS. tablet still means wacom to me, but i’m sure Adobe Ideas could be a great tool on an ipad or honeycomb tablet. but with the new 4.3″ screens on the new androids Ideas would be useful too.

        1. Looking at what HTC recently presented might be interesting to you:
          a 7 inch tablet with stylus support (multitouch + pen). As long as the pen is near the screen, touch is disabled (like Tablet PCs do it), so you can rest your palm on the device.

  1. Adobe has so many different products, has anybody ever put together a chart, a one-page thing, with a list of all Adobe products and which product should be considered for what task?

  2. @Mark : Yep, i saw that at Adobe France once 🙂 Each product explained in 2 lines. But i don’t know if the slides went abroad.

  3. i don’t know any person in Adobe universe who is spending so much time keeping his/her blog that much up to date than you do.
    You must have a lot of time on your hand since you’re not “responisble” any more for Adobe Photoshop which still sucks 2011, with or without you.
    No offense please. I just try to figure out how all your guys and gals brains at adobe actually work …
    You don’t understand anything people are trying to tell you. Do you?
    [After years of absorbing your random, pointless hostility, Thomas, this is the end of the line for you and me. Don’t comment on my blog anymore. I just don’t have time for lonely, bitter trolls. Goodbye, and best wishes. –J.]

  4. Does it output work as anything other than PDF’s yet?I really like drawing in the app but I never use it as I like to blog my sketches as I do them and I can’t blog a PDF file…

  5. Great app.
    Things I’d like to see in 1.3…
    1. Background grid. Allow option to choose one layer as a “grid” layer, with options for grid type, grid spacing, and color/opacity.
    2. File management. Simple folders would do.
    3. Text capability. Nothing fancy needed – I would prefer a font reminiscent of hand printing, with pre-set scaling options

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