A beautiful Aurora Borealis time lapse

“Norwegian landscape photographer Terje Sorgjerd,” writes David Pescovitz, “spent one week around Kirkenes and the Norway-Russia border, in -25 Celsius temperature, to make this magnificent time-lapse video of the Aurora Borealis.”

On a related note, “Terje Sorgjerd” is one pretty solid name. He needs to join the Photoshop team & take up residence next to Seetharaman Narayanan, Iouri Tchernoousko, & other greats. [Via]

10 thoughts on “A beautiful Aurora Borealis time lapse

  1. Very cool how the camera was not stationary for most of these…the foreground objects shifted. I can imagine that this could be hard to do as smoothly as it was done here.

  2. not hard to do at all, once you create the timelapse you just scale the video as it’s playing back in your editor. Camera was stationary while filming the timelapse. I agree it’s beautiful.

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