Keep your stylus on a swivel

The interesting little PenMoto project aims to let you switch between stylus & keyboard use more easily. Check it:

If nothing else I want to see a Kill Bill-style shot of design geeks coming down a hallway, flipping handfuls of these things like butterfly knives. (Bahm BAHM bum.) [Via]

5 thoughts on “Keep your stylus on a swivel

  1. nifty. instead of twisting my wacom pen, i just use the “e” shortcut. dual hand photoshop master efficiency for the win.
    i DO tend to misplace my pen alot though. looks like a cool toy if you want to look badass cool, but aint nobody gonna see how badass cool you look with it.

  2. Funding cancelled! Bummer. I would love this as I move between mouse and stylus a hundred times a day.

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