PUG meeting next Tuesday in SJ

If you’ll be in San José next Tuesday evening, drop by Adobe HQ (map) for a Photoshop User Group meeting featuring Lee Varis:

Lee Varis is a photographer, educator and digital imaging artist, based in LA. He will present a brief overview of his 30 year imaging career and show some of the movie posters and other interesting projects he has worked on in the first portion of the presentation.

For the second half Lee will demonstrate his “10 Channel Workflow”, a radical new image enhancement routine. The workflow is based on applying individual channel luminosity to the color image to manipulate tonal separation and contrast apart from the color. This approach can create sophisticated effects that could not be achieved any other way. Read on for more details.

See how to:

  • Best use RAW processing tools to prep the image for manipulation in Photoshop
  • Build a better B&W image through channel manipulations
  • Use B&W luminosity with color images
  • Enhance color saturation in Lab colorspace with layer blending
  • Apply “a” and “b” channels to RGB images to enhance contrast
  • Build shadow masks using the “K” channel in CMYK

Lee shows how to create stunning 3 dimensional shading effects that make images really pop off the page. The popular notion that most of the image enhancement should be done in the RAW processor is discarded in favor of the powerful layer blending options available in Photoshop that take advantage of the multi-channel structure of the image as it exists in different color spaces. This stuff will blow your mind…

We’ll have pizza and drinks at 6:30, and the meeting will start at 7:00, in the Park Conference Room of Adobe Systems’ East Tower, 321 Park Avenue, San Jose.

To park underneath the Adobe building, use the Almaden Avenue entrance, under the East Tower. If the security guard at the parking entrance asks for an Adobe contact, use Bryan O’Neil Hughes’ name. He’s our contact there (as well as a Photoshop Product Manager).

Please RSVP via Evite, hope to see you there.

2 thoughts on “PUG meeting next Tuesday in SJ

  1. This sounds absolutely awesome, but there is no way I can physically be there. Any chance this could be recorded and posted online?

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