ColorPicker panel for Photoshop improved

I’m pleased to see that developer Anastasiy Safari has enhanced his popular MagicPicker panel for Photoshop.  Of the improvements he writes,

1) Switchable Color Schemes: Mono, Complement, Triad, Tetrad, Analogic. Accented Analogic with easy switching – artist may now choose a color for his work that depends on the main color and quickly switch them – and it’s all inside MagicPicker UI.

2) Attach other panels to MagicPicker and use them together in Compact Mode. It’s very useful in Compact Mode where you have a small portion of the panel visible and it expands very fast to the full state when mouse is over it.

I also improved speed and fixed issues with keyboard focus on Photoshop CS5 and CS5.1. And the panel is now astonishingly faster.

10 thoughts on “ColorPicker panel for Photoshop improved

  1. It’s awesome seeing my favorite plugin is being improved. using it from the first version that came long time ago. addicted lol. A way to go, Anastasiy! Keep your development and support on the same (high) level!

  2. love to see color schemes finally in ps does this colorpicker support cs3? i want to update to cs5.5 lol but later

  3. Just acquired MagicPicker. A nice extension to work-flow of an artist.
    I must say, It’s a pity I didn’t find it before. I had a small issue with the installation, but wrote to the author (Anastasiy) and he answered almost immediately-first class support! It works fast and without any problem. 5 stars!

  4. A great tool! Using it a lot and enjoying every button of it 🙂 It’s
    much much more than a simple color picker –
    can’t believe how much I’m getting out of it. Thanks for the news –
    upgraded today –
    the new Color Schemes thing is cool. Could not understand about
    attaching panels…. but wow – after upgrade it’s lightning fast!

  5. Saildog: Thanks! 🙂
    With Attach Panels you can attach my other panels inside MagicPicker, and use them together in Compact Mode (for very fast, near to clickless choosing of colors and functionality). The panels that support it are coming very soon.
    I will put a complete manual for MagicPicker with videos on how it works.

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