Great Photoshop cloning tips you probably don't know

You’ve cloned & healed things in Photoshop, right? And you had no idea that you could scale, rotate, and flip the clone source before applying it, right? (Well, being the kind of weirdo who’d actually read this blog, maybe you did, but 99% of people seem not to.) If you spend any amount of time cloning or healing but haven’t used the Clone Source panel, do yourself a favor and spend 4 minutes with Brian Wood‘s overview:

7 thoughts on “Great Photoshop cloning tips you probably don't know

  1. Is that CS5? I don’t have the flip button in the clone source palette.
    [I forget when we added the flip icons, but in CS3 and CS4 you can insert a negative sign in order to flip the source horizontally and/or vertically. –J.]

  2. Are you calling me a weirdo?
    [“We smell our own.” 😉 –J.]
    I call that feature the “stroke victim” function. Have you ever tried using that damn thing flipped? Everytime my brain says move your hand this way or that way, the results come out that way and this way. Makes me feel like my brain and my hand are completely disconnected.
    (And anyone who has had me as a tennis partner would agree).

  3. “Well, being the kind of weirdo who’d actually read this blog, maybe you did..”
    Lol…I do know about this feature :p!

  4. well.. who dont know this “tricks” should read a book about PS.
    thats like telling someone the steering wheel in a car is for changing directions….

  5. I’m using Photoshop rarely, but know this “tricks”, because it’s placed in a good way in the GUI. The bigger problem is the silly usage of this stuff.

  6. Why in the world would you take the time to configure the Clone Source panel when you could just jump the eye to a new layer and transform it? Being able to remember multiple sources might occasionally come in handy, but the rest of the options in the CS panel are useless.
    [Why would it necessarily be faster or more desirable to make a selection, create a new layer from it, and then transform the results instead of simply cloning? You’re entitled to your opinion, but please take it easy when dumping on others’. –J.]

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