Video: For the love of wooden type

Check out this interesting collaboration between Target & old-school printing buffs:


2 thoughts on “Video: For the love of wooden type

  1. It’s surely intentional that the first word in this piece is “authentic” but that shouldn’t fool anyone. The design profession is (hold on, having trouble getting my foot in the stirrup) far FAR too willing to participate in co-opting (DONE, now firmly up on my high horse) work that used to be authentic and now is rendered, directly through this very kind of “collaboration,” completely inauthentic. Schtick, schmaltz, and splatter. Woodblock printing is always lovely so hey, why don’t we mass-produce the hell out of it for Authenticity’s sake? (Horse just threw me off.)

  2. And–same problem as every time–no one is thinking about the publics interest in used music tracks 🙁

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