Using an Android tablet for creative work? Let's talk.

If you use an Android tablet and use it (or would like to use it) for creative imaging, photography, etc., please drop me a line. We can’t let the iPad kids have all the fun. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Using an Android tablet for creative work? Let's talk.

  1. When illustrating, Pressure Sensitivity is a must for me, still using TabletPCs despite hating Windows. I switch as soon as there are good Pens for the iPad or Android Pads that measure the pressure.

  2. It was about time. I was wondering why after all the love declarations of the recent past, Adobe seems to be doing nothing on the Android front but puts out a lot of stuff for the iDevices.
    The soon to be released Thinkpad tablet from Lenovo will have a pressure sensitive pen. Promising.

  3. I haven’t seen a comment here from someone using an Android tablet, just complaints.
    If you look for photo apps for Android tablets, you won’t find anything useful, so why would people be using one?

  4. How would one use an Android tablet when all the apps on it are absolute crap?
    PS: Good luck finding Android tab owners… they’re rarer than spotted owls I hear.

      1. Tablets shipped is not the same as tablets sold. Given the waiting time earlier this year for iPads, there is little doubt ALL of them are selling. I know only one person with an Android tablet and he just complained about it when he looked at my iPad 2. I’ve never seen one “in the field” and all my clients who use a tablet use an iPad.

      2. I’m willng to bet that it’s not much over 10%, and that growth is stalled. Perhaps really cheap, not very useful Chinese tablets are selling, but do they really count as they can’t do much?

  5. I am using Galaxy 10.1 with Eye-Fi and Snaptastic for basic review/edits/selections to jpgs. Also exploring Dropbox to get images to office PC and Lightroom via remote (Logmein)to import and tag selected RAW images. It is “Kludgy” and unreliable.
    At present a netbook with LR is a far better solution.

    1. Try an iPad, you’d be shocked at how many pro apps are available, and at how well it all works.

      1. That’s strange, I have a completely different outlook on Apple’s IOS on both iPhone and iPad. Mostly the Apps are over-priced and under-featured. There is no common storage between apps (each app has it’s own storage system). My iPad crashes probably once every 2-3 days. There is no background processing capability, so no automated updates overnight for newspapers.
        I have a long list of features that iOs lacks. In the way that OS X Lion is just catching up with Windows 7 for core features (rather than eye candy), iOs is still lacking in usable features compared with Android. Apple is good at marketing, but make sure you understand what you are buying there may be better options available.

  6. I just bought an Acer Iconia tablet and so far LOVE it. I bought it for fun, of course, but also to start building Flex apps for Android.

  7. I’m really surprised to see the name “Android” in your blog, written by you. Hopefully Adobe will support this 🙂

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