8 thoughts on “Adobe Edge Hits 50,000 Downloads in First 24 Hours

  1. well a video of lindsay lohan drunk in a car with no underwear has 12 million downloads in 24 hours.
    so interest is relative….
    [Feel free to do something people find more interesting (besides flashing the world); then we’ll talk. –J.]

  2. While Adobe has received praise for its first attempt of creating Edge, the first reviews by those who are interested in the success HTML5 are less optimistic. Edge is based on timeline animations that are typical for Adobe and is being chastised for not using HTML5 technologies such as Canvas. At least among professional developers, Adobe is already risking a reputation of being able to deliver an HTML5 tool that caters to the open spirit of a technology that should only be limited by a designer’s creativity.
    The beginnings of Edge are reminiscent of the beginnings of the first animation tools for the web that were integrated into Photoshop (does anyone remember the first separate GIF animators and image slicers in Photoshop?) as well as the first release of Macromedia Dreamweaver, both of which were far from perfect and improved over time.
    Adobe has a unique opportunity to transfer its reputation to an HTML5 design tool and needs to understand the audience it is creating this new software for. It has to be as capable as Flash is, but cater to the open and much more comprehensive mind of the HTML5 world.
    [I think you may be asking for the impossible: You want something as capable as Flash that targets a very diverse set of runtimes (many browsers X many platforms). Well, sorry, world, but Flash is pretty damn rich & mature. Show me the best HTML coders in the world building sites of equivalent richness *that reliably run across many browsers* (forget about “all”) and I’ll change my tune. For now we see a bunch of 1995-style “works best in Browser X” badges. –J.]

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