8 thoughts on “Video: Illustration time lapse

  1. Great skills and excellent share. Go Jelle go go…. Ga Jelle ga ga (da’s fries)….Jelle gaat lekker.

  2. People still use Illustrator? I guess if you’re stuck on a Mac with no Windows, it’s the only option.
    [And what do you recommend? –J.]

  3. That was excellent. I can’t believe how much was imported as photographs. Some of the textures, sure, but the wheel, skull, bar, barrel, etc, looked like he made them himself. I’m inspired. I want to try this out asap.

  4. Could anyone venture a guess as to how much time this illustration took?
    As an outsider to this field, I very much enjoyed the time-lapse. It was fascinating to see the level of detail that goes into such a work. It seems we viewers underestimate the effort that goes into the enormous quantity of works we see regularly. Anyway, just thought I’d share and also try to satisfy my curiosity.

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