New color-mixing panel arrives in Photoshop

Check out Anastasiy Safari’s new MixColors panel for Photoshop:

It provides an engine for fast and correct color mixing, like oils, acrylics or watercolor. It keeps color history, allowing you to keep a number of swatches (like it’s on real-world palette). In “Mix eyedropper mode” the colors you pick with Photoshop eyedropper are mixed to the current color with one click. It also can be “attached” to my MagicPicker so the two panels act as one, plus more features.(As usual, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS5.5 are supported).

The panel is on sale for $14.

9 thoughts on “New color-mixing panel arrives in Photoshop

  1. Awesome! was wanting to mix colors with photoshop a long time ago. now seems it’s possible, very COOL idea. can imagine how nice it will work with my new tablet.

  2. this is really a nice idea…. works like a charm and is very quick…. mix eyedropper mode, history for colors and dropping swatches is all i need!!! love seeing how anastasiy’s toolbox grows….
    maybe make swatches bigger?

  3. hello and many thanks for the great link, got this tool and love it! fits like a glove works like a charm. Now i see how i was missing color mixing thing. and Yep the eyedropper mode is just brilliant!!!

  4. Bought this one yesterday without a trial as my prevoious experience with this programmer was so good, that I felt comfortable just going for it!
    I have to say this one is a very well thought out and clever product-So many options and workflows inside such a small plugin!
    The mode where you hide the panel and then pick a color with Photoshop’s eye dropper and it is added to the current brush color – is fantastic!
    It works smoothly and provides me with many more creative options!

  5. Unfortunately what’s not on author’s site is really important information, that the plugin IS NOT WORKING AND NOT SUPPORTED on CS4/Lion. If that’s your SW combination of choice, don’t buy it.

  6. Hello, Vaclav.
    MixColors was tested and WORKS perfectly on Lion 10.7.1 and Photoshop CS4. You just need to make an update of your Lion installation and/or Photoshop CS4.
    All my panels are actually tested and are compatible with Lion, including DiksFonts font manager, MagicPicker color wheel and MixColors.
    If you have any problems, please write directly to me as I provide a 24/7 technical support for all my products (the contacts are included with your installation package). In case of serious problems that need testing please give me some time to manage the testing – I’m interested that all my products work in all possible circumstances and constantly improving them, so the latest versions work out of the box.
    – best,
    Author of MixColors

    1. Hello Anastasiy, thanks again for your help!
      FYI: Anastasiy, author of MixColors helped me to find the issue. It seems my CS4 installation is somewhat broken, even Kuler is not shown in the Extensions menu. For this reason I decided to reinstall the package tonight, hopefully MicColors will work for me after that point.

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