Slow-Mo Owl Show

Oddly intense! (especially full screen)

One of these winged victors tried to make off with my parents’ elderly wiener dog during a midnight outing. Advantage: Older Irish lady using her bathrobe to look bigger! [Via]

One thought on “Slow-Mo Owl Show

  1. My favourite bird.
    A slightly more bizarre owl video
    [Hah–terrific! –J.]
    It uses footage from a science experiment from 1962
    “Abstract: Owls have a curious variability in the postrotatory head nystagmus following abrupt angular deceleration. Owls can exhibit a remarkable head stability during angular movement of the body about any axis passing through the skull. The vestibular apparatus in the owl is bigger than in man, and a prominent crista neglecta is present. The tectorial membrane, the cupula, and the otolithic membranes of the utricle, saccule and lagena are all “attached” to surfaces in addition to the surfaces bearing hair cells; these attachments are very substantial in the utricular otolithic membrane and in the cupula.” So now you know.

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