Reminder: Photosmith for iPad

I’ve heard a few comments to the effect of “Adobe Carousel looks great, but I really want to pull my raw photos into my iPad, apply flags, ratings, and keywords, and they sync everything with Lightroom on my desktop.” Happily, that’s just what Photosmith ($17.99) already offers:

3 thoughts on “Reminder: Photosmith for iPad

  1. Yes, but Photosmith is still pretty buggy and until they update for of the features like they’re talking about for 2.0 (like dealing with more than a single image at a time), it’s $20 that I’m still waiting to get my money’s worth on.

  2. Thanks for the callout! We had a rocky start between with the sheer number of camera formats (Lightroom is a lot to live up to) and iOS constantly shifting, but we’re in high gear now finishing the big features that everyone really wants (multi-image tagging and sync’ing existing LR images to the iPad now).
    We saw the Carousel announcements, and hope that we can integrate with the same interface, to provide photographers with options for their particular workflow.
    – Chris Horne / Co-Developer of Photosmith

  3. In the age of 60 as the new 40, then Photosmith v2 should have been the v1. V1 was nowhere near ready for prime time, let alone for $17. Granted iOS4.x is a real photo stiffler, we can only hope for better from iOS5. P.s., raw experience in Photosmith is less than robust.

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