Download Preview 2 of Adobe's HTML5 animation tool, Edge

The second public release of Adobe Edge features a range of user-requested enhancements:

  • Smart guides — Precision guide and dimension markers are displayed when an object on the stage is moved/resized, helping to align objects in relation to others.
  • Specify semantic tags on managed elements — Change the tag type of each shape, image and text in Edge to reflect appearance in the HTML document object model (DOM).
  • Copy and paste elements — You can now copy and paste elements in Edge, to easily duplicate shapes, images or text. Duplicate images will refer to the same underlying asset.
  • Align and distribute elements — Select multiple elements, and align and distribute them via new options in the Modify menu.
  • Drag and drop z-index manipulation — In the elements panel, you can now control the z-order of shapes, text and images created in Edge.
  • Playhead time editing — You can now type into the timeline’s counter to move the playhead to a specific location, or by dragging the numeric value up or down with your mouse.
  • Windows 7 update — An error on the Windows version causing Edge to crash on startup is resolved, no longer requiring users to change the display bit depth from 32-bit to 16-bit.
  • jQuery update — Edge’s animation framework now works with the latest jQuery 1.6.2.


Edge remains a work in progress, so as always the team is eager to hear your feedback (and to see what you can create).

One thought on “Download Preview 2 of Adobe's HTML5 animation tool, Edge

  1. hi guys, Iam using adobe edge v2 on my imac with snow leopard and goes great!!! but in my macbook pro with leopard 10.5.8 I can’t 🙁 …”Os does not meet the minimum system requirements for the installer. 10.6 is the minimum required for installation”. greetings from Perú

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