3 thoughts on “"LRPAD": Control Lightroom via an iPad

  1. It’s a start, but calling them “real-time” adjustments is a bit of a stretch, if I’m to take the video at face value.
    I was excited to read something like this finally came along, but at $9.99, I’ll at least wait until the app developer adds something of real value.
    Even a millisecond of delay as shown in the demo video is unacceptable to me.
    I wonder if it’s possible to interface via the cable for snappier response? My iPad would be plugged in if I were sitting at the computer anyway…

  2. Why? Perhaps as a tablet user I’m missing some ergonomic benefit, but the Lightroom/ACR control panel isn’t improved by imprecise touch control of funky-looking gradient bars.
    “Because you can” isn’t a good enough reason.

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