Wacom introduces a new 24" Cintiq

Looks lovely:

The Cintiq 24HD features a generous 24″ display (1920 x 1200 resolution), a 92% Adobe RGB color gamut, a wide viewing angle, and an adjustable stand for hours of comfortable and productive use.

Core77 writes,

The part of the 24HD we’re most excited about is a new physical design feature which incorporates solid industrial design thinking to solve an ergonomic issue: How can we get this massive tablet into multiple working positions that we favor? The answer comes in the form of a well-thought-out base and adjustable supporting arms that move and lock the tablet into a variety of positions.

7 thoughts on “Wacom introduces a new 24" Cintiq

  1. The new stand looks great. I love how it can extend past and below the edge of the table. The 21UX sits too high, but I suppose I’ll just have to continue suffering through using it 😛 Even the ability to put a keyboard under it is a nice touch. The rotation feature of the 21UX stand is useless since Photoshop CS4 added canvas rotation. Now if only scrubby zoom worked properly with canvas rotation…
    These things could really use double resolution displays, though. You have to be quite close to the screen to use it, and the pixels look huge. At least they didn’t go with a 1080 screen.
    Multi-touch would be nice, too. (finger puppet warp?)

  2. “Now if only scrubby zoom worked properly with canvas rotation”
    We will make it so next time around if we can repro it.

  3. “Wide viewing angle” is something every crappy TN display claims. Why isn’t Wacom giving us meaningful specs on the LCD? For $2,500 bucks it should be an IPS display with excellent off-axis color and tonal accuracy. If it is, then put it in the specs.

    1. @BJN,
      I don’t know. My BlackBerry PlayBook’s screen isn’t an IPS like my iPad, Nook Color, or Asus Transfomer, and it looks just as good when setting along side them. TN screens have really improved in recent years.

      1. It looks like the PlayBook is a PVA. PVA screens crush blacks when viewed from straight on… a dark gray will blend in with black when viewed from straight on.
        TN isn’t suitable for orientation agnostic devices.

  4. It’s an IPS. The big ones have always been IPS, but the 21UX I use doesn’t look as good as a dedicated Apple or Dell IPS display. That could be from the thick screen covering and odd viewing angles, though. IPS loses some contrast when not viewed from straight on.

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