PhotoAppLink improves iOS app communication

To avoid bloated software, I wrote months ago, we need better ways to connect small apps (so that each can focus on just what it does best). Android “intents” enables this (e.g. in Photoshop Express), and it sounds like Windows Metro “contacts” are similar. On iOS this has been more problematic. From iPhoneography:

[G]etting an image from one app to the next is tedious. When switching apps the user must save the edited image to the camera roll, quit the current app, launch the next and then load up the intermediate image before continuing to edit it.
So a group of app developers got together and found a way to solve this problem with PhotoAppLink:

I can’t make any commitments on behalf of Adobe apps, but I certainly find this development interesting & encouraging. [Via Dave Howe]

3 thoughts on “PhotoAppLink improves iOS app communication

  1. Remember OpenDoc?
    Wasn’t Adobe one of the biggest detractors?
    [That was long before my time, but in any case I think there’s a world of difference between what’s proposed here & asking that companies completely rewrite very large, complex applications as atomic pieces. (Apple never accomplished the latter, either.) –J.]
    Just askin’

  2. This is awesome! It’s great to see developers taking things into their own hands and providing a solution to this on iOS.

  3. Hi John,
    I just noticed that you linked to our PhotoAppLink project. Thanks 🙂
    I hope Adobe decides to join in, that’d be great.
    A bit over a month after launch we now have 28 participating apps, with more on the way. So adoption has been quite good so far.
    The library is open source, so you at Adobe could completely customize the UI to fit your needs.

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