Adobe Muse Beta 4 ready for download

Adobe’s new visual HTML authoring tool, Muse, has been downloaded by more than 330,000 designers (!) since it debuted in August. Now it’s been revved to version 4. Key features:

  • Over 40 product enhancements and bug fixes, driven by Muse user community feedback
  • Support for 5 additional languages: French, German, Spanish, Swedish, and Dutch

Check out the team blog for a full list of improvements & bug fixes.

7 thoughts on “Adobe Muse Beta 4 ready for download

  1. I am disappointed no one tested if the muse blog respects safari’s button to increase text size (um, I should not have to read 8 pt text!)…it fails. Since this is muse code, then Muse is failing accessibility requirements badly. Please Adobe, respect accessibility now not 3 years later!!!!! Thank you.

  2. I have tried to install this upgrade approximately 5 times (last nite & this morning).
    It is not (apparently) installing on my MacBook Pro 2011. …?

    1. PLEASE HELP!!!
      okay – I’m in trouble now – uninstalled Muse completely
      – THEN uninstalled AIR, since it would not launch, after installing the latest version.
      -NOW Air will not install at all —
      here is the error msg I’m getting when I try to install AIR 3.0
      This application requires a version of Adobe AIR which cannot be found.
      Please download the latest version of the runtime from,
      or contact the application author for an updated version.
      just takes me round n round!
      PLEASE HELP!!!

      1. Have now RE-INSTALLED Air 2.7.1
        Air 3.0 will NOT install
        I trashed MUSE, and 4.0 will not install.
        My MacBook Pro 2011 is OS 10.7.2
        anyone solved this yet??

  3. Hey, I was wondering if the is a right, left or center justify for placing photos? I built some pages and copied and pasted the layout to another page. My vertical images on one page stayed centered in the preview while on the other they left justify in the image space.

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