Props for Photoshop Touch

“Adobe’s Photoshop Touch destroys the claim that tablets are no good for content creation, as well as being the first tablet adaptation of major desktop software that doesn’t suck.” — Tony Sarno, APC

Nice! Check out the rest of the article for more details & perspective (although, being the kind of weirdo who’d read my blog, you’re probably already up to speed here ;-)).

3 thoughts on “Props for Photoshop Touch

  1. John,
    Back from 3 weeks touring Italy,Greece, Egypt and Turkey. I like this “touch” thing. Look forward to this app.
    Side note, I took my IPhone4s, IPad2, and Mac Pro laptop (my first one). I took my 93 year old mother, so I shot the whole trip with Iphone4s, wow nice shots and wow video. I just could not lug along all the Nikon “stuff”.
    Sad to say, the IPhone4s does not support SRI or dictation, and I had a lot of trouble with Carousel too overseas. I assume some kind of Cultural platform mess, or could be me too, lol.
    I finally got my whole trip on Carousel when I got back to states. I really like it. I have used some of the adjustment gizmo’s and I like that too.
    If any one wants to see my trip on Carousel, let me know, and I will give permission to see. Nice product John. Good for me
    Using my Iphone4s, I had some dark areas underexposed, etc. I used lightroom to fix this. I sort of wish Carousel had something like that.
    Regardless, wanted to report Adobe Apps work out for me on my trip
    Many thanks
    Ken in KY

  2. I’d say there are a host of drawing / painting / photo editing apps on touch that don’t suck. And they are just as good or better than their desktop equivalent. Two awesome ones are
    Sketchbook Pro
    And as far as uncalibrated displays go: when you’re doing content creation on a device for final consumption on that same device (or class of device) you can forget about the calibration. Seriously. Been doing it for years and it just doesn’t matter.

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