Photoshop Touch arrives on Android!

I’m delighted to announced that Adobe Photoshop Touch is available for download from the Android Market. For a quick summary of the app, let’s turn to… me:

PS Touch and the other newly released Adobe touch apps (Proto, Ideas, Kuler, Debut, and Collage) require using an 8.9″ or larger tablet running Android 3.1 or above. As for iPad availability, the plan is to announce more in early 2012.
Check out the user forum to ask questions and provide feedback. And please join us Friday at noon Pacific for a demo/Q&A covering PS Touch and the other newly released Adobe touch apps. I’ll be presenting alongside Ideas PM David Macy.
As I say, we can’t wait to see what you create!

19 thoughts on “Photoshop Touch arrives on Android!

  1. DAMN this looks GREAT! And I’m stoked that it came out for Android ahead of iPad. Not that there’s anything wrong with iPads. Keep up the good work!

  2. Will it support ICS (Android 4.0) phones? Or will it still be tablet only?
    [It’s only for tablets. Running Photoshop on a phone, or even on a small tablet, didn’t seem like much fun. –J.]

  3. How cool is it that you got Antonio Banderas to demo your app for you! 🙂
    [Yes, I *am* a fiery Spanish hunk! (Oh, you mean the other guy…) –J.]

  4. Dear John
    I respect you immensely and the software rocks hard, but the obvious question is why would you release this for Android Tablets first. It may be the most brutal business decision Adobe has ever made. I am so mad at Adobe about this. The CS5.5 upgrade pricing was annoying enough, but this just makes me lose faith in Adobe.
    [Thanks for the kind words about me personally, Rob. I’m not sure I understand the depth of your discontent here. Adobe’s said from the start that these apps are coming to both platforms. Last time I checked, Adobe had released something like eight apps iOS-first or iOS-only. If we were back in the 90’s and Apple was on the ropes, I’d understand the sensitivity (I dwelled in that cave), but now I view this as a very temporary inconvenience. –J.]

    1. Yes this is really something to be mad about. How dare they let you wait WEEKS for software to arrive on your favorite platform. Better sue them!

    2. Dear John
      My discontent lies with the fact that this app which looks truly groundbreaking by the way is the app everyone has been waiting for Adobe to release. It only makes sense that development would be for the clearly leading iPad. I work for one of the largest printing companies in Canada and meet with designers, creatives all the time and they are all carrying iPads. Our own family has 3 iPads under our roof and our family all uses Photoshop on a daily basis. I’m not a fan of the current iOS apps from Adobe, but I know I would use this one daily. Why would you not release this on iOS first, it defies logic. It is really a lack of patience I have I realize, but I know for a fact a lot of creative people shake their heads at this and are stunned at releasing the Android version first.

      1. in some regards, the iPad is not the most desireable platform for development.
        Think of things like native pen support; also (as mentioned in other comments) having access to an actual filesystem makes many things easier. The display resolutions (in terms of ppi) are better for some models.
        Adobe doesn’t need to abide the android market for deployment – you can just sell it anywhere and it will be fine. This is also what makes development/testing easier – no need to register every device up front, no expiring development apps.
        So there are valid reasons, why one could go for the android plarform first. I’m not saying that these are adobe’s reasons, but if you look at both platforms from a technological standpoint, it’s not all black and white.

        1. This release is odd though. A number of developers have stated that developing for Android is difficult because often, their product needs to be localized for each tablet and UI used by a particular manufacturer, which is why, often enough, software is just available on just a few Android devices rather than all of them. The same is true for Android tablets.
          Development on the iPad is easier because only one development model is needed, with allowances for OS versions, though apps generally work across several versions.
          In addition, of course, is the fact that photographers almost entirely use iPads for their photo activities. There are far more iPads in use than all other tablets on all other OS’s put together. And when Adobe eliminates 7″ models, which makes sense (and seemingly agrees with SJ’s concept of problems with small tablets), then that cuts the Android tablet market to a fraction of its total (and already small) size.
          So I’m curious as to why Adobe took this route. I keep thinking that they are trying to encourage people to buy Android tablets.

          1. “So there are valid reasons, why one could go for the android plarform first.” – I didn’t say there aren’t reasons to go for iOS first.
            I, too, would love to get a peek behind the decision-process at Adobe. I’m just also trying to get the discussion back to facts.

    3. It’s a legit question, which you didn’t answer, John. The other apps, all of which I have, are for the most part, fun, and mildly useful, but this app will be the start of something big, as they say, hopefully.
      It is odd that Android was the target platform. If it were weeks, or a month or so, but it’s months, and that’s why the questions remain, and not just here, but in the photo community

  5. It’s very thoughtful of Adobe to be developing these various Touch apps on both platforms at once. Some are appearing on iPads first, and some are appearing on Androids first.
    Rather than have one coding team do all the firsts and the other do nothing but porting, this way both teams get the full spectrum of experience and both customer bases get something new ASAP.
    iPad owners may feel bad that their platform isn’t always first, and I sympathize with that whole-heartedly, since my Androids are so rarely first.
    My current Big Question is whether purchasing Photoshop Touch now will turn out to be redundant when I subscribe to Creative Cloud (“Adobe® Creative Cloud™ will be a comprehensive offering of creative services, Adobe Creative Suite® desktop applications, Adobe Touch Apps, and …”).
    But in any case, kudos to Adobe for this unexpectedly capable tabapp for Ps! I look forward to including it in my camera kit. Live monitoring for my Nikon DSLR is my next wish. (Or is that already included?)

  6. Which particular Android tablet is the Zorro-dude using?
    [I believe it’s a Samsung Galaxy Tab. –J.]
    Thanks, Victor

  7. Hi John,
    Great development and kudos for releasing this for Android. Which brings me to my question: will the Adobe Nav-app have an Android version soon? Would be great to have the PS-tools on an Android Tablet or even smartphone. These past weeks I’ve tested the Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet with express keys, scroll wheel etc. Pretty expensive gear and one is better off with a basic pen-tablet plus Adove Nav on an Ipad/Galaxy Tab or even a smartphone. Being able to use a pen on an Ipad/Galaxy Tab could be the next step after using one’s finger in Photoshop Touch.

  8. I love that I can finally have a Photoshop on the go. This has been part of my hold out on getting a tablet. I love the idea of being able to create a mockup or sketch out an idea while only needing one piece of equipment and not having to launch my laptop just to get a simple sketch or wireframe going. Also this will allow designers and artist to work their ideas out more intuitively.
    I’m very excited about this! I can’t wait to review these apps.

  9. John,
    Stop it! I have been putting off purchasing a tablet, but this is not helping 🙂
    Seriously, congratulations! This looks really sweet! I can’t wait to try it.

  10. my wife loves you!
    she likes the way you talk …
    but i think talk is cheap, and your (JN) breath will be short.
    I’ll tell you why: because you are so afraid to lose your position, you are so frightened to make a good mistake that everyone hates … you are the middle man of a dying company … Adobe will no longer keep track of their technology, just because they are blinded by the fog of ignorance!
    Like Apple does fishing dumb, blind, excluded from any interest bullshit people, just driving sales … that’s what you are.
    Have a good night asshole (that’s what you called me once) and sleep fucking tight.
    [Charming. This is why Gruber doesn’t allow comments. –J.]

  11. Sorry J, but Adobe’s strategies continue to baffle. The company just laid off 700 people, killed Flash dev for “mobile” browsers and is choking down hefty financial hits. So the next step is to roll PS Touch out to the smaller market first? While I’m sure a handful of artists opt to use one of the Android-based tablets (at least those that are larger than 7″) for their work, it’s hard to believe that at present the numbers are even close to iOS. Add to that the fact that it is the same demographic with a greater percentage of users that won’t pay for software.
    The current Adobe tools for iOS all feel like “Adobe Labs” stuff. They demonstrate some potential but for the most part they’re not very productive.
    I’m amazed I still care enough to continue writing this type of feedback over and over. A small part of me must still be clinging to the “good ole days”. Maybe I don’t even care that it’s not available for iOS yet (or ever). After all I already have plenty of creative apps that consistently manage to trump Adobe’s iOS line. I probably should have put a little more thought into “why” I even care before blathering on your blog. Maybe it’s the notion that although I care less and less about Adobe stuff every year, I’m still curious as to why Adobe seems to continue running the company in a manner that appears so backwards to onlookers.
    Oh well, either way, you’ve always been kind and open on here which I appreciate. Thanks for listening (yet again).

  12. the only question i really have is the support for smaller tabs. i think a lot of people are missing the mobile part of mobile devices. there are plenty of people i have spoke with that do not want a 10″ pad but want something a little bigger than a smartphone screen. i recently purchased a samsung galaxy 7plus specifically for that reason; i dont want to carry something too big around or i might as well just use my laptop and forgo the limitations and issues; work right in the ps app itself. from a practical point of view a 10″ screen laptop that is less than 2″ thick is really not that much more of a hassle to carry than a 10″ pad that is a 1/4 inch thick only to end up limited in what i can accomplish. for that matter i might as well just use logmein and use the WHOLE adobe suite right on my desktop machine thru my tablet and forgo the limitations of this app altogether. i just finished watching the photoshop guys give their initial take on the app and all i hear is this is great for sketching out some ideas but you really cant work on it?!? so i am buying a hammer i cant actually drive a nail with, WTF?!?
    ultimately i think what adobe needs to realize is that there is a huge market for this type of app for people who either dont normally use photoshop or cant afford photoshop. by limiting their scope only to those who buy the big expensive pads or those who are apple drones they are missing a large portion of new users.
    is there any word on whether adobe is actually going to work on their presence in the mobile market or is this the only star they shot for?

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