Demo: Publish Blurb books via Lightroom

Jerry Courvoisier of introduces Blurb’s bookmaking plug-ins for Lightroom and explains what they can bring to your bookmaking experience. “Learn the key differences between the plug-ins for BookSmart and Bookify,” he writes, “and find out which one will work best for your project.”

2 thoughts on “Demo: Publish Blurb books via Lightroom

  1. Wow Blurb is great, we have made books with them for a couple of years now and the quality and customer service are stellar. They seem to really just keep innovating with all their tools they provide even turning your books into iPad format for $1.99. Had no idea they had a LIghtroom plug in, that makes it even easier. Thanks for this John.

  2. Jerry’s work is always worth watching. If your readers want more, they may want to take a look at my latest course, Creating Photo Books with Blurb. This course takes the viewer through three Blurb workflows: BookSmart desktop software, Bookify web app, and intro to PDF to Book with InDesign. There’s even a movie on using Blurb’s Lightroom plug-in for Bookify. The entire course is here, with a few free movies:

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