7 thoughts on “Blow Up 3 comes to Lightroom

  1. John, is Adobe ever going to respond to Scott Kelby’s open letter re: Adobe’s new forced upgrade scheme?
    [I hear you, James. I wish I were in a position to help share the info you seek, and maybe I will be yet. For now, though, I need to defer to others. Please know at least that people at Adobe take your concerns *very* seriously. I hope we’ll share more soon. –J.]
    A lot of people (myself included) are very angry about it, and the timing makes it seem more like a racket than a business strategy. The drive to squeeze more money out of your customers with an coercive upgrade cycle and the push to move customers over to a more lucrative (for you) subscription model is going to force a lot of small businesses and independent artists to reconsider using the Creative Suite.

  2. James,
    I’m really angry about it too. As a hobbyist, maintaining my license for the Creative Suite was already really expensive. Prior to this announcement I considered purchasing a separate photoshop license to upgrade for every cycle, and update my Design Premium every third cycle. I just am not enough of a power user to learn and use all the other apps before new versions come out. Now I really don’t know what to do. I really hope they reconsider their position on this.
    That said, the tone of your post made it sound like you were personally attacking John, as if he was even a part of this decision. Forgive me if I misunderstood. The people we need to voice our opinions to are Adobe’s upper management and the folks that decide how to price this stuff. I hope Adobe sees that the direction they are heading alienates a lot of their current customer base. Indeed, we need John on our side to hear us out and relay our frustration and anger over the situation to those that make such decisions.
    [Thanks, Rob, though for what it’s worth I didn’t feel personally attacked at all. I know that many people at Adobe are discussing the best way to respond. Thanks for whatever patience you can extend. –J.]

  3. John, thanks for responding. Please let those in charge know that for a lot of people Adobe’s generous upgrade terms are the only reason the Creative Suite is financially viable. A lot of customers (myself included) upgrade every other release, and won’t be able to afford the new “Adobe tax,” as some people are calling it.
    Rob, it certainly wasn’t my intention to attack John personally. I have no ill-will towards him. The “you” in the second paragraph of my post is Adobe as a whole, and I have to admit I’m feeling a little malice towards the company as a whole right now.

  4. adobe cares a shit about CUSTOMERS.-. all they care about are SHAREHOLDERS and EARNINGS.. you people should know that by know.
    and ALL managers are far away from telling you the truth… lying is there daily bread and butter.

    1. Nonsense! Adobe’s managers’ responsibility is to maximize shareholder value. To achieve that they must sell product and keep customers happy. One thing goes with the other. A company is not a charity or should be… OTOH, a company which does not make customers happy does not sell product and does not produce shareholder value. When is the world going to understand economics? BTW… ‘Nature’ works the same way.

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