Love for Photoshop Touch

I’m delighted to see reviews like this continue to roll in. A few recent quotes:

  • “Photoshop Touch is a triumph of mobile computing, allowing for deep image manipulation, with very usable touch screen controls.” — Nick Moore, Galaxy Tabs
  • “Photoshop Touch, a nearly perfect paring-down of its desktop counterpart… packs in almost all of the things I need for on-the-go photo editing.” — Liam Spradlin, Android Police
  • “All in all, Photoshop Touch provides a wide array of useful and easy-to-use tools for manipulating images on the go.” — Michelle Mastin, PCWorld

8 thoughts on “Love for Photoshop Touch

  1. how much longer are us iOS users going to be left out in the cold?
    [I believe the officially communicated date is that we’re targeting “early 2012” (not tremendously specific, I know). –J.]
    Photoshop touch was what I had hoped Adobe Carousel would be, as opposed to the instagram type product it turned out to be.

  2. good reviews.. so adobe can raise the price and fuk the customers with idiotic upgrade policys.
    make it work only on android 3 and charge when android 4 devices are release…
    then charge again when android 5 is released.
    you only have to change a bit or two and can rob the customers blind!!

  3. PS Touch is a really nice product, I wish you could edit larger images though. It still feels like a toy.
    You know what would rock? Lightroom for tablets, even if at low resolution (since the editing is non-destructive and saved in XMP, the edits on the tablet could be reapplied in the “desktop” lightroom.

  4. I totally agree with Armand about the image size thing: a 1600×1600 maximum makes this a useless product in my view. The serious tools in photoshop touch only really make sense if they can be applied to decent-size images.
    Filterstorm can do it. Photoforge can do it. Seriously, Adobe can’t?

  5. It’s more than strange to come out with the Android version with so long a lag before the iPad. I know you said since iOS is on the roadmap, we shouldn’t read anything into this, but it just doesn’t make sense unless Adobe is using this to try to create a market for Android tablets. I can see stuttering and lag in the demo videos of Adobe Android apps, which to me work as a proof of why not to by an Android tablet.

  6. Relax, this is Adobe’s typical M.O. Over the past 10 years their behavior has illustrated that they see Apple users as second class citizens. The reasoning was that Adobe was pandering to Microsoft’s dominance. But this latest round of silliness seems to disrupt that theory. Maybe Jobs was right and Adobe as a whole (not John as a person) has become a lazy a**hole. Apparently Adobe refused to help Jobs by updating their apps promptly to Mac OS X, making Premiere, etc.
    If we’re to believe Adobe’s great “write once & compile for any mobile device” spiel, and without any forthcoming explanation from Adobe, what are people supposed to think?

    1. haleonearth, that’s a valid point. Adobe is touting its tools for giving the ability to deploy to multiple devices all at once. Now, I realize that for a complex app its more complicated than that, but I wasn’t the one to make the claim.
      On another note, its easy to get all Adobe bashing happy but I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. The handful of Adobe people I have met all use and love Apple products and seem to have a desire to just make great stuff.
      There is probably some unfortunate corporate BS going on at some level. Always is…

  7. Agreed, the truth often does reside in the middle, and is typically anything but simplistic.
    For Mac users, Adobe has been one of the most frustrating companies to depend on over the past ten years. But I believe you (and others) are doing their damnedest.
    Thanks for giving Apple users a voice at Adobe.

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