2 thoughts on “Lovely Charts for iPad

  1. Hi John,
    thanks a lot for the heads up!
    I guess time will tell whether this works or not, but my feeling (obviously) is that this is the best approach in a drafting context.
    And obviously again, I think it’s interesting to at least try out 🙂
    What I’m certain of, is that is A. removing “chrome” is pretty much always good. And B. the shape recognition approach adds desirability, affordability and fun to the experience, and that’s good too.
    What I’m less sure of is how well it works “for everything in all contexts”. For example, at some point I had added recognizers for the more complex shapes, such as the input/output and document shapes. Shape recognition itself worked fine, but I definitely couldn’t imagine myself ever “drawing” a document symbol. Worse, I could see this leading to frustration because it was complicated to draw and the risk of the recognizer missing the mark or confusing the drawing with something else was much higher than with simpler shapes. So I got rid of that for now.
    The way I imagined it, Lovely Charts for iPad is a drafting/brainstorming tool. In that context, I definitely think a chromeless approach is the way to go.
    Now, with the tool maturing, I think it wil indeed be very interesting to see how the initial concepts grow up with the app. Definitely looking forward to it 🙂

  2. I have been trying a lot of drafting/brainstorming programs on iPad from Keynote, Adobe Idea, and many others and it has always been frustrating.
    This app look very promising, and I think it is not about being fully chromeless, but the more you intelligibly do in a chromeless mode the better.
    One thing that I desperately need on my drafting/brainstorming tool is a layer concept, but some layers often comes with too “free form” kind of tools, and the ones that have more structure does not have that.
    Anyway, on this I would love to see in this app is grouping.

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