4 thoughts on “An HDR time lapse of Brno

  1. I recall reading how the rise of Kodachrome made people who visited sites like the Grand Canyon for the first time disappointed – the colors in real life weren’t nearly as bright as the photos.
    These ‘lapse movies may be having the same effect with static skys and sunsets. (the incredible HCM City piece you posted has been “kept unread” for a week now…).
    Fans of the genre are reminded that Koyaanisqatsi is now online in its entirety. But it really deserves a real theater screen, with Philip Glass performing live underneath. Definitely catch it if Glass & Co. come to town.

  2. I prefer the church one, but this definitely had it moments.
    When will someone strap 3 cameras together and film a feature movie like this? The look wouldn’t lend itself to everything, but I could see it working quite well for some things.

  3. Great video, superb HDR photo collage.
    I also learned a couple things, 1) use lens distortion correction when tall items are involved, ie smokestacks and 2) movement such as people blends in well but closeups, such as engineer in cab of train distracts from ambiance.
    I thought the whole video and soundtrack was surreal but for the couple seconds watching that engineer bob around, I was dragged back into reality and away from the artists vision of the world.
    Really enjoyed it though.
    Happy Holidays and thanks

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