Photoshop in Romanian protests

“Text says ‘We want cheaper Photoshop! Down with Comic Sans!,'” reports the excellently named Marius-Remus Mate.

Jon Stewart one mentioned that American troops were teaching Afghan kids to play baseball. Whole families were really getting into the spirit of the game, he said, showing a dad in the stands holding a sign reading “ESPN: Execute Some Pashtuns Now!” Ah Photoshop, you do get around.

5 thoughts on “Photoshop in Romanian protests

  1. As a Romanian, I concur, even though the banner itself is more or less a joke (there was even a “Chuck Norris you are our only hope” banner.)
    Adobe charges Romanians more than Americans for the same English download-only version of CS5. If you take purchasing power into account, it becomes prohibitive. How many Americans would buy Photoshop if it were $5000? To make matters even worse, there are no teacher or student versions available here either.
    I am not condoning piracy and my company has only licensed software, I don’t think that access to Photoshop should be a basic human right either, but Adobe’s marketing and financial departments could do a better job.

  2. As the owner of an animation studio (in Romania) which also uses only licensed software, I think Adobe’s pricing in Europe / Eastern Europe is insulting. Which is why we’re looking for alternatives in any possible area.
    I suppose that if people will switch (if they have alternatives, which is the case in the field of animation and visual effects), Adobe will blame the reduced sales on piracy.

  3. I agree Photoshop is a bit expensive, but its certainly not worth protesting about lol I think Photoshop is fantastic and worth every dollar. You can’t expect quality to be cheap, it never is 🙂

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