sneak #3: Dashed & dotted lines

Note the presence of controls for “real” stroke & fill (not dependent on the modal layer style dialog) on the options bar.

[Via Rob Cantor]

6 thoughts on “ sneak #3: Dashed & dotted lines

  1. Very cool! Again, I love the way that Photoshop team always find ways to make their product better and better.
    My next wish is “smart colors” that would allow me to set a set of “virtual” colors in a palette, pick colors from this palettes for my shapes and effects, and then if I change any color of the palette the corresponding shapes/effects will get affected. Same thing with “Smart Filters” (right now styles does not get reapplied automatically)…. That would be transformational!

  2. I’m going to polevault to conclusions and say this looks like custom shapes are getting some love.
    Some love for layer styles will tip this over into the realm of must have. Great work either way

  3. These sneak peaks are very exciting. But I would love to see some sneak peaks for the other Adobe apps (especially AE and Pr because those are my main work apps). Are there any around?

  4. I’m still waiting for Photoshop to have a ruler/tabs in the text tool, the way Illustrator does. Tabs are a basic, essential element in working with text. Why the hell does Photoshop not have them?

  5. I’m excited about the new Photoshop coming out and these new changes shown in the three previews are exciting but this doesn’t after two years feel like a major upgrade.
    Hopefully there will be some blow away surprises coming up.

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