12 thoughts on “What's the point of having an Adobe ID?

    1. Care to elaborate on how that’s ‘not helpful anymore’? Last time I checked, my iOS devices required an Apple ID to install *any* software on them – and by default Mountain Lion will require the same for the desktop.

      1. “Billy kicked a baby, so you’re not allowed to complain about bobby punching a puppy”
        The fact that Apple does things that may or may not be stupid isn’t really a factor here. I have no problem with Adobe IDs as vehicles for enhancements or extra benefits. But when I can’t install a third party application on someone else’s OS without it? Especially when I’m installing via a company-bought enterprise license? That’s dumb.
        If you want to debate iOS and Mountain Lion, be my guest, but those are *similar*, yet *different* issues, ones that *Adobe* has no control over since they are *Apple* products.
        I’m asking about *Adobe* products.

  1. >>>
    I know, I know: you need another username/password combo like you need a hole in the head
    There are real benefits to having an Adobe ID, though (e.g. keeping track of your serial numbers)
    Protection from counterfeit software
    Access to communities and support
    Streamlining Software Purchases
    Well finally one that actually confers a real benefit to me. I don't have to type in my VISA number a second time when I go to renew or update.
    Though I must say that personally, I would far prefer to retype a set of 16 numbers I carry around in my wallet rather than go through the "I forgot my userid" / "I forgot my password" song and dance routine when I come back around after a year or more to log in to a system I never ever otherwise use or have any use for.
    If you want to force us to register our software through this just go ahead and do it. Unapologetically. But please don't treat us like children and try to paint this as for us. At least be honest about your intentions.

    1. The same/single Adobe ID/Password should work across all our services – though, you may need to into the services separately. This is pretty typical. If I log into iCloud for example, I’d need to log in separately to post something to Apple’s support forums. Or if I buy something on eBay, I’ll need to log again to pay with my Paypal account – even though eBay owns Paypal as well.

  2. The problem for me is that I’ve gotten so much software from Adobe over the years, that they gave me numerous ID’s. This goes back to the beginning of when they first gave them out. I can see 7 right here where I’m looking.
    It’s confusing, and old ID’s lose their validity, so you have to again get a new one.
    While a few people don’t like that you need an Apple ID to install software from them, that’s silly. Having one ID that’s linked to your name, or account makes much more sense than an ID that’s tied to a particular software purchase, which is how Adobe did it. I have ID’s for every bit of software I ever bought from them, includi g all of the software A bought from Aldus after they purchased them. That’s a LOT of ID’s.
    it’s somewhat better now, but it still needs fixing.

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