10 thoughts on “You'll never believe this was done in Flash

  1. There’s a difference between a compiled Flash app, and Flash in a browser. The death of Flash as a browser plugin is all that matters.
    I’m not a fan of cross-compiled apps, but I LOATHE Flash in the browser.

  2. That music recreated the stutter of flash while the video remained smooth. Usually the music stays smooth, the image is choppy, I close my browser and then few seconds later the music dies. In this one the music died, the video ended, then I closed my browser.
    I guess what I am saying is this was like Flash in reverse.

  3. Well i know people who can do that and more with less the 64 KB… you should check out the demo scene.
    this is just boring.

  4. I find that most people who “loath” Flash in the browser go on to commit the same crimes in HTML5. It’s not the platform that’s the problem. It’s the implementation.

  5. Impressive, but there’s always something smelly when you have to show a Flash demo through a vimeo video. Where’s the beef?

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