A new Lightroom 4 video workshop

Former Adobe evangelist George Jardine is now offering the Adobe Lightroom 4 Video Workshop, 16 new tutorials that focus on the Library workflow & digital asset management:

This all-new set of 16 video tutorials gives you over 6 hours of the very best online education available. It covers the Adobe Lightroom 4 Library and your digital photo library management from top to bottom. We start from the ground up, and guide any serious photographer—professional or passionate amateur—through the process of building an easy-to-use, but incredibly effective digital photo library. The complete series is only $24.95.

A sample video (“Collections & Virtual Copies”) is available to check out.

5 thoughts on “A new Lightroom 4 video workshop

  1. Recommended. I’ve been buying his tutorial sets for a while now, and always look forward to new series and I get them unhesitatingly.
    Well produced, thorough, all while easy to follow. He really knows his stuff and — crucially — is able to communicate it really well. He covers both all the different things which are possible and why you might want to do them. He covers his own typical workflow but also highlights how you might want to do things differently if your needs require it.
    You also get to see him working on his own photos, which are gorgeous.
    Basically, if you use Lightroom all the time, then for $25 all you need is one good useful tip to make it worthwhile. And no matter how much you know about LR, you’ll learn at least one new thing.
    And if you use Lightroom only occasionally, you’ll learn way more than just one new thing.
    Either way, I find it’s $25 incredibly well spent.
    My favourite so far was the LR3 Develop module series; it’s not an exaggeration to say that it transformed how I use Lightroom. The only downside was having to work through tons of photos again to take advantage of all that new knowledge.
    I feel 100% comfortable with the Develop module (LR3 and now LR4) but I’m still very much looking forward to the LR4 version and will get it the day he has it ready.

  2. i just bought LR 4.
    now i hear that it will not be full compatible with photoshop CS 5.
    i will have to buy CS 6 to get ACR 7.
    is this true or only a bad joke?

  3. This is an excellent set of video tutorials, thorough and very well presented. They are causing me to rethink my Lightroom workflow and are enjoyable to watch, as well. Thank you John for mentioning them.

  4. George’s video’s are awesome. I feel I know LR pretty well (spend enough time there) and I’ve picked up a number of gem’s from George’s very through tutorials.

  5. >now i hear that it will not be full compatible with photoshop CS 5.
    Depends on what you want to do. When you ask LR to “Edit in Photoshop” it is ACR there that renders the raw data. LR4 has a newer engine than ACR in CS5 so it will pop a warning tell you this. You can continue to move ahead but lose the new features in LR 4 (like PV2012) but you can also just Export the data from LR, have access to all the functionality there and just open that in CS4. That said, there is a beta of ACR 6.7 that does support this new processing (http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/cameraraw6-7/)
    The other area where having a newer version of LR and an older version of Photoshop could affect you is if you use Smart Objects in Photoshop. If you do some of the processing in LR4 but then decide to use that in CS5, again, the two are not in sync in terms of features.
    So you do not have to buy CS6. You can work with LR4 and CS5 as long as you don’t encounter those two areas.

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