Great places to learn about Photoshop CS6

More great content is going live all the time, so feel free to mention good things we may have missed.

4 thoughts on “Great places to learn about Photoshop CS6

  1. I’ve eagerly watched all of the videos. Deke’s, watched in the Flash format, are the best.
    I don’t know what format Scott Kelby’s videos are in, but the quality is terrible. They keep pointing to menus and palettes that totally unreadable at any resolution. I would expect more from such an in depth crew.

  2. I agree with you, Danny. Deke’s videos are not just amazing and in-depth, the menu and pallets are actually readable. Unlike NAPP’s which I gave up while watching the first video. Really awful quality.

  3. Agreed that Deke’s videos are nice, especially now that he stopped his funky MTV style of presenting. Then again, i just saw Deke’s video on the Blur Gallery where he used highly unrealistic images and results that were not really acceptable, thus avoiding to have to discuss weaknesses of the function.
    Would love to see other in-depth videos or written tutorials (not introductions) on CS6. I really liked Julieanne Kost’s tutorials to specific functions on earlier versions, sometimes 20 to 30 minutes long. So far, it seems, she doesn’t have video tutorials to CS6 out (only a general feature overview).

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