PS Touch, Ideas bundled with new Galaxy Note

Says Engadget:

PS Touch is the Note 10.1’s undisputed S-Pen gem. Creative pros will find comfort in this tablet adaptation of Adobe’s über-popular Photoshop program, as most of the features, though laid out differently, remain intact. While it’s not a complete replacement for a desktop graphics workstation, the app does give pros some flexibility, letting them create on-the-go much the same way they’d do in the office or at home.

[Via Stephen Nielson]

One thought on “PS Touch, Ideas bundled with new Galaxy Note

  1. ps touch didn’t come preinstalled on my note, and the Google play store will not allow download, stating it’s not compatible with the device.
    [Are you using a 7″ Note? PS Touch requires (I believe) an 8.9″ or larger screen. –J.]

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