Demo: How to use type styles in CS6

The #1 feature requested by Web designers has been type styles–the ability to modify one style definition & update multiple text layers at once. Now the feature is ready to use in the Photoshop CS6 beta. Deke McClelland shows you how:


7 thoughts on “Demo: How to use type styles in CS6

  1. Very cool, but I would love to have that for layer styles too. Is there a similar for layers?
    [No, but that would be nice. And to save our Fireworks-loving friends some typing, you can do it there. 🙂 –J.]

  2. From what I can see there is only one thing missing for web designers :
    The ability to transform rounded rectangles while preserving the corners.
    [I know; that’s my personal #1 request. –J.]
    From my quick tests all other problems are now solved and a few ones I didn’t know I had too.
    [Great! –J.]

  3. i just checked… i don´t see how you can excange the styles between documents?
    for example i have one style for image caption i always use.
    but when i open a new image the sytle is not in the list.

  4. Really, really great updates to Photoshop. It seems like you’ve cued up the last few years of nitpicky requests and rolled ’em out all at once. 🙂
    [Yeah, as I say, a lot of this stuff was on the roadmap for a *long* time, just bottled up behind various architectural efforts (esp. Cocoa). –J.]
    Just to also be that guy (that asks for one more thing after you show off a bunch of great goodies), I’d echo the comment about rounded corners on rectangles…next to pixel nudging, this prolly is my biggest time sink.
    Great stuff though, you guys rock!
    [Thanks! –J.]

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