A new color-picking panel for Photoshop

Check out the latest from Anastasiy Safari:

Did you know that computer-based color schemes do not correspond to fine art ones? Where you expect green to be a complement color to red, the computer gives you cyan. Why is that? Because computers usually use a HSV color model, while classic painters use a completely different color wheel. And it’s available now exclusively to Photoshop in the MagicPicker color wheel panel! Painters, photographers, designers and everyone else can know use their knowledge of classic arts. They can build their unique color schemes based on intuitive, real-world paint behavior.

MagicPicker 2.1 also brings a Photoshop CS6 beta support and a significant speed increase.

The full version costs $14.

Update: Here’s a screenshot:

11 thoughts on “A new color-picking panel for Photoshop

  1. I imagine this will be useful for painters mixing actual paint (their compliments are skewed by impurities in pigments or dyes) or by digital painters who want to use similar schemes for conceptual reasons. The rest will continue to use HSV where the complements are optically correct. The retinal after image of red is cyan, not green.

    1. The HSV wheel is still there in MagicPicker. And with the new version you can rotate it so it points red color up (helpful for UI designers). You can switch between two wheels by clicking just one button.
      And you’re absolutely right, there are different (and contrary) approaches on color for different creative minds 🙂 MagicPicker tries to be flexible and maximally helpful.

  2. It’s too bad the MagicPicker product webpages look so cheesy that they’re likely to turn off the target audience. There’s a video embed on the product detail page that has a good comparison/contrast. I bought the plugin. After all these years, the Photoshop color picker is still profoundly inefficient and inflexible.

    1. Thank you very much for the feedback! 🙂 The software and the site are constantly evolving and I’m doing my best to keep it up (as it requires quite a work to support all CS3-CS6 platforms).
      Confidentially saying the site redesign comes very soon and if you have any ideas, suggestions, feedback, anything – please write me a letter, I’m always listening to feedback and my job is to make a product that suites YOUR needs and intentions.

  3. Yeah, it took only 20 years for developers to realize the need in RYB color wheel and make its way to PS :). Way to go, Anastasiy! I loved the speed of the new panel, the change is dramatic!

  4. I love the traditional color wheel idea it helps to improve my
    understanding of color
    connections. And I must admit I can never imagine working without
    MagicPicker anymore –
    such a powerful thing! Yet is very simple to use. Praise for the
    author! Seems he always
    exactly knows what to do next 🙂

  5. I am very surprised adobe has not included something like this in Photoshop, every paint program out there has one, adobe should buy the rights to this program and include it, its a great program just wish they had a full version trial, i was very hesitant to buy this originally cause the 1.1 version with everything locked out just didn’t do it for me wasn’t till i actually got to try it on my friends pc that i finally made the move to purchase the full version

  6. i actually have lenwhite painter wheel its a great plugin for Photoshop it needs a little work but over all a great product especially for the price tag of 0 i also tryed it with the neww Photoshop cs6 and works like a charm so far

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