Demo: Lighting Effects in CS6

For years, at the start of every Photoshop cycle, some version of the following conversation repeated itself:
“People really love Lighting Effects, but we haven’t touched it in *years*.”
“Yeah, there’s so much cool stuff we could do there! This should really be a major investment.”
“Ah, but we can’t this time… Could we at least just make the dang preview window bigger?”
“Well, that code was written on punch cards during the Nixon Administration, and the effect should really just work on canvas (no preview window at all), so really we should rewrite everything, but…”

…and so on.
At last, though, the team has had time to deliver something that’s worth the wait. Check out the goodness in action:

8 thoughts on “Demo: Lighting Effects in CS6

  1. Awesome, was wondering what you guys were going to do with that tool. Although, in this tutorial, that was probably a bad demonstration for what you could do with textures. That text he created could have easily had a layer style applied and look the same.

    1. Donald, are you sure the exact effect could have been achieved with a layer style? My impression was that the raised effect was going to be lit according to the specific light sources in the lighting effects. Hard to tell whether that’s actually happening in that particular CS6 demo video. In CS5 (haven’t tried 5.5), the bevel/emboss style offers only a single light.

  2. nice! i was JUST showing some one how to use LE yesterday, and after seeing the tiny preview window, i made the layer a smart layer, so we could get a better preview.

  3. John will Lightroom 3 be supported with the new Canon 5DMark III? I have to update the computer to use LR4 which I dont want to do at this time.
    [Sorry, I don’t think so. You can use the free DNG Converter to make your images compatible with LR3, earlier versions of PS, etc. –J.]

  4. Is there anything new to Lighting Effects on the *creative* side?
    Lighting Effects has the new UI, but is there any new functionality? From this video i don’t see anything new.
    On a side note, it seems that you need Win 7 *and* a Photoshop-compatible graphics card to even see this filter on your screen. If one of those is missing, the filter doesn’t load at all. (The Wide Angle Filter runs on Win XP, if the graphics cards is compatible.)

  5. in all the years i never used that feature.. it looks fake and i never realy wanted to use that.
    try to do shafts of light.. you can paint that manual much easyer then with these light effects.

  6. Can anyone tell me if there will be a pixel bender toolkit for CS6?
    I really enjoy using the pixel bender filter plugin was hoping that would get an update too.. and even some new editions.
    I am not entirely sure yet but the oil paint filter behaves slightly different to the new CS6 filter.
    Having said that i could never apply the effect to files of a certain size the new oil paint filter has no problems.
    What would be a great idea is we could see some more filters like this.. some variations on the bump map/brush tip shapes, currently its van gogh swirly, maybe some impressionistic dabs etc

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