One more day to grab the Photoshop CS6 beta

On the off chance you’re not one of the million-plus people (!) who’ve already downloaded the Photoshop CS6 beta, you might want to grab it now: it’ll be available only until 5pm Pacific time tomorrow, May 3. You can also pre-order CS6 today.

6 thoughts on “One more day to grab the Photoshop CS6 beta

  1. Once downloaded/installed, does the beta ever run out, or could one potentially run the beta indefinitely on their PC?
    [It expires. –J.]

  2. Drew a line in the sand – forcing me to sign up for an Adobe ID is the final straw and CS5.5 is as far as I go with Adobe. Done with being treated like this.

  3. i think you will have ~15 days left. at least my beta will expire soon. to lazy to check when exactly.
    i don´t see the reason to install the beta yet when in a few days adobe will official release the trial version.

  4. I installed the beta last night because I could not get 10-bit color to work with CS5. It says the “trial” is good for 60 days.
    Getting 10-bit color working with PS CS6 is so effortless, it just works. I know CS4 and CS5 supported it, but I never was able to get it to work.
    Anyhow, I preordered CS6. I’ve been following the videos on what’s new and having tried it out myself this is a great update. The overall experience is just improved in terms of responsiveness, new interface, etc. Congrats to the PS team!
    One more thing, where can we suggest JDI improvements?
    [ is the best place I know of. –J.]
    One thing I do a lot is duplicate adjustment layers to other images. It’d be nice to be able to control how layer masks get handled when I duplicate a layer. Either set it to all white, all black, or not copy it at all. Maybe you can already do that, if so please let me know how! Currently it duplicates the layer and keeps the layer mask intact, so I have to select the layer mask and fill it with black before I start painting the adjustment into the new image. Being able to choose how to handle the layer mask in the duplicate layer dialog could save me a few steps.

  5. Why not just SAVE the adjustment in the adjustments panel. When you go to the other images you can just select that adjustment from the pull down window in the panel. This starts you with an all white mask. What to switch just Cmd (contrl) I and you are ready to go.
    No draging or anything.

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