How Pixar almost deleted Toy Story 2

As the world probably doesn’t need more nail-biting anxiety, I almost hesitate to share this one–but all’s well that ends well:

[Via Dan Mall]

6 thoughts on “How Pixar almost deleted Toy Story 2

  1. The first thing that crossed my mind was not “pull the plug” but rather “let the rm finish, don’t allow anything else to happen to the drive, and send the drives to a service to be restored”.
    rm doesn’t zero the blocks. There’s no nice way within *NIX to un-rm your way out of trouble, but all the file information is still there; just not in an organized way.
    The better option, though, is to be lucky and have someone have performed an unintended offsite backup.
    And uncompressed at full resolution… “Good news is I brought a copy home for my kid. Bad news it’s on a VHS tape…”

  2. One of the lessons that I hope many people from this, is to check on a regular basis to see that your backup plan is working. There might be a backup plan in place, but it might not be working and be completely worthless.

  3. Test your backups, but not by deleting the originals and then trying to restore and then find out the backups are broken. This sound obvious but for some it isn’t 😉

  4. Wow I cant believe that TS2 almost got deleted, with a huge budget like that you would think they would at least have backed it up on a huge usb stick. Well thank goodness that didnt happen, thats one of my kids’ favorite movies. :O

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