Vinyl-tossing trick shots

Does this have anything to do with this blog’s focus? No, it does not. Will you dig it? If you’re not dead inside, I think so. 🙂

I plan to show it to our boys–but first I’ll have to explain what “records” were. [Via]

4 thoughts on “Vinyl-tossing trick shots

  1. As if the video wasn’t good enough, one of my mixtapes, I had playing in background, synced with this video almost as if scored for the tricks.
    I still call them mix tapes, despite not having used tapes for my mixes since the last century, as I an’t think of a contemporary/accurate equivalent.

  2. I’d like to complain about Mr Savage’s dumb and naive article.
    Mainly, did it not occur to him that most really difficult things take an awful lot of practice to get right, which usually involves mistakes along the way.
    The good thing about internet articles is that unlike printed ones, you can point out issues + mistakes right under article. As many people have with this one.

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