Photosmith 2 enhances Lightroom-iPad integration

I’m delighted to see that Photosmith has released version 2, enabling multi-image tagging, bidirectional sync with Lightroom, native Eye-Fi support, and more.

According to their site, new features of the $20 app include:

  • Wirelessly sync your unsorted backlog from Lightroom with our free plugin
  • Sort and filter your photos
  • Organize them into collections
  • Apply star ratings and color labels
  • Apply keywords and IPTC metadata individually, in groups, or with presets
  • Share highlights and rough selections to Facebook, Flickr or by e-mail
  • Support for RAW, JPG, or RAW+JPG
  • Support for 100% zoom for many cameras
  • Native support for Export and Publish Services in Adobe Lightroom
  • Directly receive from Eye-Fi cards
  • Very powerful sync options, allowing workflow customization

I can’t wait to try it out when I get home. If you’re using the app, what do you think of it?

5 thoughts on “Photosmith 2 enhances Lightroom-iPad integration

  1. Sad to say, this thing is very beta right now. Every version of Lightroom I’ve downloaded from — including pre-1.0 — has been more solid than Photosmith 2.0.
    This app isn’t useless in its current state, or even dangerous, exactly. Many of its bugs are UI problems, and the functional ones bite me only because I’m a Lightroom power user.
    For one thing, Photosmith currently doesn’t do the right thing with hierarchical keywords. If you try, you’ll find that it keeps hoisting copies of your buried keywords to the top of the keyword hierarchy.
    For another, it is completely unaware of smart collections. You can’t set one up as part of the Photosmith publishing service, and you can’t make it use any of the top-level Lightroom ones, either. To get photos between Lightroom and Photosmith, you have to drag them into a dumb collection within the Photosmith publisher, or do a Lightroom export and then import them to Photosmith through one of the non-Lightroom-linked channels.
    Yet another trap is that Photosmith will get confused if you try to use multiple Lightroom catalogs. Because plugins are seen by both catalogs, this pretty much means you cannot use multiple catalogs, period, if you also want to use Photosmith 2.0. I tried anyway, and it started feeding photos from one catalog into the other, before I killed it.
    The multiple catalogs and hierarchical keywords problems are showstoppers for me. I deleted it from my iPad this morning. I can’t risk the chance of accidentally tapping on its icon and causing catalog havoc.
    I /so/ wanted this to work.
    I also tried Revel, hoping to achieve the same ends, but it is also unsuitable for various reasons.
    I might have suggested Adobe buy what these guys have done so far and merge it with Revel, except that I think Adobe would do better with its competition.
    Neither Revel nor Photosmith can do a slide show, for example. I want them both racing each other toward my goals.

  2. Hi Warren and others,
    I am very sorry for the problems you’ve encountered. Hopefully, our responses to your support tickets helped address the problem.
    We’re aware of the hierarchal keyword issue (we’ve posted a current issue list on our blog) and we’re working on an immediate fix for it.
    The issues with Smart Groups are due to limits in the APIs that all 3rd party developers work with. We’ve filed the appropriate feature requests with Adobe and they are working with us on them.
    (Multiple catalogs is a much more complicated story and we’re still in dialog about that.)

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