Video: Multi-GoPro skateboarding mayhem

“What would you do with 50 GoPros at the touch of a button?” Hopefully (though not likely) something this cool. Check out Ryan Sheckler in action, and if nothing else, check out the neat burst effects that show up about 1:33 in:

A couple of weeks ago my friend Bruce & I did strap a couple of GoPros to the belly of a B-24 bomber that took us for a spin. I’ll try to share the footage soon. [Via Bryan O’Neil Hughes]
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2 thoughts on “Video: Multi-GoPro skateboarding mayhem

  1. This is such a sham. I have multiple GoPros. the original Heros and it is all or nothing with the new WiFi.. there isn’t any real vudu magic that is involved. You have to choose what you want, out of the choices that GoPro allows (time laps, video, blah blah blah).. for the original. Now since GoPro has been SO BAD, actually this is a TERRIBLE product release.. one epic proportions.. with letting people know the functionality, or even HOW TO CORRECTLY CONNECT WIFI.. that the buyer is buying blindly like myself since I don’t have the Hero2.. and nearly 99% of what is offered is for the Hero2 in this regard…
    It is cool to have a remote for your camera, but if you have to purchase multiple remotes to di different things.. it is both costly and un-user-friendly and again EXPENSIVE to get the effects you want from having multiple cameras.
    I currently have (4) Hero cameras (1080P).
    Good luck everyone. Try to read the blogs, because GoPro wants your money and will not tell you what is available or what is not.

  2. Such a joyful video, really captures the fun of blasting through the city on wheels.
    Nathan, I see your point, you do have to read through the GoPro site and a few other video sites and forums to fully understand what you are getting and how it works. Sure it is frustrating that the wifi module doesn’t work with the older cams. However, do you not think that compared to other commercial offerings with similar functionality, or compared to having to build your own custom rigs, the GoPro gear offers quite good value?

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